Hermes Consulting Group is an international-based firm that tailors customized solutions to clients and excels by offering professional expertise in areas such as strategy, process improvement, and project management.

Our organization thrives in data-base management, research and analytics, leadership development and implementation support. With a strong focus on value-based metrics we ensure to deliver modern business solutions equipped to improve overall organizational functionalities.

Nowadays numerous firms are faced in light of fierce competition, elevated cost structures, and endless organizational inefficiencies. The Hermes advantage is equipped with numerous distinguishable elements, which together, yields efficient and implementable solutions.

Efficient Modern Implementation. It’s common to witness many consulting firms employ resources ineffectively, deteriorating overall quality of the deliverable. Our methodology is to employ talented resources which can efficiently deliver in a timely fashion. We believe in a modern approach which continuously evaluates value added, with respect to all aspects of the engagement, utilizing key performance metrics. Our number one priority is to identify, address, and tailor solutions to your unique problems.

Versatile Consulting Model. We believe in a versatile approach to engagements with our clients. No one single model is applicable on a universal scale. At Hermes we are committed to workout niche frameworks applicable to your unique circumstances – despite industry similarities, your business is differentiated one way or another and we thrive on empowering those differences. A project may take several unforeseen turns but with our VersatileSigma© initiative we rest assured to adapt to rapid changes and continue on the path to success.